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Masters of Perception

Masters of Perception is a poster series on creative people; filmmakers, writers, musicians, whose unique vision makes us view the world differently.


Brian Eno

What is he? A musician? Possibly. He can barely strum a note, yet has created a vast catalogue of sound scapes and memory inducing electronic washes that were born from a painful stay in hospital. A composer? If composing is randomly generating fresh sounds from electronics, preferring chance to create some magic, then maybe. A producer? Not exactly. He might turn a few knobs, but mostly likes to talk and generate ideas that lead to actions.

Eno lives at the intersection of all these things, undefinable. He just creates. But to those musicians and artists he works with and talks to, has influenced in many ways, he is truly inspiring. And unique.

Brian Eno

Barry Jenkins

Both Moonlight and If Beale Street Could Talk are masterpieces of empathy. Jenkins, a skilled storyteller, shows lives rarely seen with such intimacy. 

He creates compassion, often placing the camera between actors and their exchanges, so we became a participant in the action, as he holds steady on character’s faces, then dares to go closer, focusing on their eyes, whose eyes become a gateway to empathy.

Jenkins director

Zaha Hadid

Zaha was a radical architect and one of the greatest architectural thinkers of the age. She changed the look and feel of architecture, introduced curves and organic shapes, and in a male dominated field she smashed stereotypes and was the first fable to win the Pritzker prize. 

She had an interdisciplinary approach using art and science to inform her work, using technology where others dare not and using maths to create new forms the have never been created before. "There are 360 degrees. Why stick to one?"

Hadid architect