Building a careers website for Ryanair Labs in under two weeks!

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Dear me, it was a quick turnaround! In 2015, Ryanair needed to hire 200 people, fast. 😲 We got the contract, and we were suddenly put on the fast train or plane to get a Ryanair Lab careers site up and running. It was an intense few weeks, but it went live and did the job nicely.

As Robin Kiely, Ryanair’s head of communication said, “we’re seeking to hire the best of the best to reimagine the online travel sector.” Read the article from Marketing Week about the launch of the website.

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1. My Role

Designer, coder, writer, everything!

I was involved with the Ryanair team from the very beginning, working on the whole site myself. I coded the site in HTML and CSS, and plugged it into Expression Engine, so the Ryanair team could update it easily. Even the hosting and domain name was set up by me (which is another story) in record time.

My role
Great site. It is performing as it should be. Well done to David for all his work.
Michael O'Leary, CEO of Ryanair
Heard on speaker phone while our team was driving to lunch.
2. Final product

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Sixty people hired! 👏

It was an enormous success. Sixty hired within two months. Now that’s amazing. The feedback we received was that the site was informative and engaging, and gave candidates everything they needed to apply.