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Designing an eye-catching brand for HireHive       


Enterprise recruitment platform

HireHive is a recruiting platform with over two million candidates applying to companies through it. I was asked to create a memorable and striking brand that could be applied easily to any application.

1. DESIGN Exploration

Looking at bees

HireHive took its inspiration from the friendly bee 🐝 and its environment, and who doesn't like bees? Honey bees are social and are amazing pollinators. One out of every three mouthfuls of our food depends on pollinators such as bees. Crops that depend on pollination are five times more valuable than those that do not. A bee is a wonderful metaphor for what HireHive does, namely attracting the best talent and then supporting and nurturing that talent.

2. Visual


I used the Dolly typeface from the great typeface foundry, Underware. It is a friendly, warm typeface, and packed full of character.


Bringing it together

Illustration to support the brand

I felt the logo shouldn't stand on its own, and the product needed some visual treatment to support the brand. I decided on lovely bee huts to illustrate concepts within the product and add colour.