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Redesigning Mighty’s interface to make usable and good to use

Claim management software

Name has been changed for NDA reasons

Mighty is an awards winning claim management platform. I was asked to redesign the platform’s current look and feel with an eye to modernising it an also making it more usable.


The goal

I met with Might team and we discuessed where they wanted to take the platforms. The number one objective was to make the platform more usable and less complx to use.

User data

They gave me all the research they had done and analytics data about current users. I was loucky I had this to base my designs on. They had done extensive user analysis with current version. I became familiar with the content first. I looked at the content as this is the core of the system and then reviewed the user research and user interviews.

Heuristic review

Finding the issues

I first did a thourough heuristic review of the current sytem to see wher ethe usability issues lay. This I couodl then address these in teh new design. Once i did this I prepared a report so the evelopers coud fix issus tat happedn in the backend to make the ssyetm more stable before implementing a new design.

Architecture review

Re-organising the content architecture

The “why” is the website’s focus. In order to find the focus, look to the architecture of the exisintg structure.

Goals for re-architecting

  • Reduce the amount of entry points to the same view
  • Combine sections that hold similar content and reduce duplication
  • Re-organinise pages into more logical groups

Current architecture

Each exiting screen was captured to show both layout structure and build up a list of components types.

Creating a simplified and unified architecture

Much like a building, a design needs to have a strong foundation and coherent flow that allows the user to find their way aournd easily.


Organise. Prioritise. Simplify.

The most important goal in the redesign was to allow the user to get their jobs done as quickly and efficiently as impossible. This means focusing on the important actions in a focus way.


Layout varations

Creating a strong structure was impetant and getting teh right layout wsas critical. Based on curren feedback, users preferedde having access to navigation in the side.

Side navigation

Top navigation

Mobile layouts

UI design

Choosing the perfect typface

Choosing the right typeface that is both felixble and readable weas critical. I choose IBM Plex.

Tweaking the palette

The colour palette had already been definded by marketing design. The trick was to tweak it for use in UI. It is one thing using over saturated colours in a mrketing websote, but these need to be tones down to be useable in a critical work context.

UI design

Final screens


Create claim

Claim view