David Hall User Experience Design

My name is David Hall and I’m a seasoned designer based in Cork, Ireland who is focused on user experience, creativity and theories on what makes art and design tick.

I began my creative career as an advertising copywriter in the mid-1990s and became increasingly curious about how designers incorporated my one-liners into amazing visuals. Eventually, I co-opted a friendly designer to teach me how to make multicoloured images blink nauseatingly on screen. I quickly became hooked and taught myself an ancient form of HTML, the fundamentals of design and discovered god in the form of Paul Rand.

After making a career change from ‘writer’ to ‘designer who writes’, I worked in print and digital media, eventually setting up a tiny graphic design studio called Deliciously Creative, which ran successfully for seven years. I am currently Head of UX and Design for C2P, where I help create enterprise solutions for a number of the world’s biggest multinationals.

I am inspired by many things including the individuality of Saul Leiter, philosophy of Dieter Rams, creativity of Alan Fletcher, vision of Stanley Kubrick, expressiveness of Mark Rothko and wordplay of Samuel Beckett.